Thursday, May 26, 2011

Designer: Laura Fauna Model: Vickie Horne

Laura started designing clothes for her dolls and teddy bears when she was 4. Her mother sewed professionally and she spent a lot of time in the shop creating clothes from drapery remnants. Her mother, Patti, inspired her to learn dressmaking. She taught her how important the details areand that the inside of the garment should be as beautiful as the outside. Her stepmother, Vicky, has a passion for fashion and her unique, current and utterly chic style is totally contagious.

"I was raised by the gentlest and most humble couturier in existence. She would never admit it, but her skill and depth of knowledge far surpasses my own, and rivals the quality of any design house that can be found."
Laura describes her designs as "wearable." Her designs are available for purchase at, the laura fauna atalier in Louisville, Cherry Bomb, Louisville and many juried fine arts and crafts fairs throughout the country.

Vickie Horne is the owner of the promotional products company, Gifts Not Forgotten, which provides logo merchandise to corporations to assist with their marketing goals. Gifts Not Forgotten donates a portion of the profits back to the community and non-profits in the area, such as FiftyForward. Vickie currently serve on the FiftyForward board.

When not "modeling", Vickie likes to spend time at Center Hill Lake with her family in the summer & attend Titans Games in the fall. She is currently the co-chair of the 2011 Symphony Ball.

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